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MicrobeBio® VigorBoost™

MicrobeBio® Vigor Boost™ is a “bio-cocktail” of 50+ beneficial soil microbes which enhance soil life. Our proprietary combination of microbial strains works in sequence to boost nutrient-uptake in plants, improve plant vigor, and stimulate microbial and bio-diversity activity in the soil which contributes to drought tolerance and increase plant performance.

MicrobeBio® Vigor Boost™ works synergistically with organic nutrients to help improve soil sustainability. Each microbe strain in the chain is critical as it plays an important role in regenerating, decomposing (composting), and protecting against pathogens to improve plant vigor, soil quality, and crop yields

To understand the nutrient-uptake process in plants, consider the way probiotics strengthen our health as humans. Similarly, endophytes (microbes) strengthen the health of plants, allowing them to adjust to environmental changes faster than genetic adaptation will permit. Thus, endophytes can help plants survive extreme conditions such as drought, high temperatures, insufficient nutrients and even environmental toxins. Ultimately, adding the right microbes to your soil not only increases your plant’s nitrogen absorption but also allows plants to thrive within natural or man-made growing environments such as hydroponics (growing plants without soil).

MicrobeBio® Vigor Boost™ fertilizer produces outstanding plant growth as a catalyst for continual nourishment for each host plant by growing a life-giving, synergistic microbial colony. This scientific formula is unique in that it not only stimulates an immediate source of nutrients but in addition, its living microorganisms are slowly-released throughout the crop cycle to provide nourishment for the entire season.

The benefits:

Our microbial soil enhancers can rebuild and maintain soil health and fertility in several methods:

  1. – Significantly improves soil structure and nutrient absorption by providing life-giving microbes
  2. – Increase efficiency in crop production – considerably increases crop yield
  3. – Stimulates effective breakdown of organic matter – greatly increases carbon and nutrient levels in the soil
  4. – Controls/reduces salinity and heavy metals in soil
  5. – Increases drought resistance and decreases irrigation by improving moisture retention in the soil
  6. – Increases root vitality – better seed germination
  7. – Significant reduction in cost and dependency on nitrogen-based fertilizers
  8. – Greater resistance to pest and diseases
  9. – Increases formation of micronutrients, especially iron, which can be readily absorbed by plants
  10. – Significantly increases Brix levels – better tasting produce
  11. – Reduces adverse environmental impact on production and plant health
  12. – Easy to apply, non-toxic, non – GMO


Promotes  growth Stimulates microbial activity Improved root depth and density Enhances water holding capacity Increased nutrient efficiency