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A Sustainable Solution

MicrobeBio is a microbial technology company dedicated to developing microbial solutions for the agricultural industry. We specialize in identifying and selecting the optimal collection of microbes to produce specialty microbial products that benefit the environment and create sustainable farming practices.

MicrobeBio is committed to improving the productivity and profit for farmers, while keeping our products environmentally friendly and affordable. We maintain a team of highly skilled researchers to achieve these goals and carry our vision to you. Our mission is to supply the agricultural industry with a viable answer to feeding the world – life-giving microbes.

A Growing Problem

When you speak of agriculture and the world’s food supply, there’s no doubt that we face many big challenges. Right now there are nearly 900 million people around the globe who are severely malnourished and, even worse, many of them are children. In fact, 1 in 6 children in developing countries is severely underweight, and 2.6 million children die every year from the effects of malnutrition.

It’s no doubt that more food is desperately needed in these countries but, unfortunately, they also have a severe lack of arable land, proper fertilizer and water and, at the same time, salinization and climate change continue to wreak havoc, critically limiting agricultural production and sustainability.

With a projected 9 billion people living on the planet by the year 2050, scientists have predicted that, to feed everyone suitably well, a 70 to 100% increase in agricultural yield will be needed. A 70 to 100% increase!

In short, the world desperately need a new way to grow food sustainably, for a reasonable cost, and without doing further damage to the planet and the environment. The most effective way to do this is microbes. Life-giving microbes.

Our Mission Statement

MicrobeBio is proud to introduce our line of specially formulated, soil-enhancing, sustainable products, all of which will increase the nutritional value of the food, as well as substantially increase yields. These microbially-based products offer a wide array of valuable benefits while complementing the existing soil and plants at the same time. They also help to substantially improve the nutrient uptake of your crops, control insects naturally, protect you plants from disease and, as mentioned already, increase yields significantly.

The reason MicrobeBio products work so well is simple; microbes.  Microbes are literally everywhere around us by the trillions, and are incredibly able-bodied farmers in their own right.

Everyone concerned with agriculture, from farmers, landscapers, horticulturalists, vintners to home growers, will benefit from MicrobeBio soil-enhancing products. The microbes our products contain produce more food while enriching the soil, providing sustainable farming and, most importantly, is at the forefront of helping the world meet its demand for food in the near future and beyond. 100% friendly to the environment, MicrobeBio products can be found on the OMRI Product List.  Right from the start that was our goal, as sustainable and regenerative agriculture are at the very core of what we do.

With passion and persistence the MicrobeBio team has created and refined new, better microbe farming technologies.  It’s our belief that, when the correct and specific strain of microorganism for each type of plant is introduced into the soil, plants of every kind will thrive because that’s what nature intended.

We’ve collected beneficial microbes from all over the planet, including the highest, coldest mountains and the deepest, hottest jungles, and packed 35 of them into our formulas. Because of our holistic approach, our products are on the cutting-edge of synergistic farming, where less input of non-natural products produces more in terms of growth and yield.

Depending on what and how you grow, our products can either be used alone or in conjunction with your existing protocols. This is in part because of the fact that they’re eco-friendly, stimulate growth, are broad-spectrum microbials and have several other functions that are complementary to healthy plant growth.

You might say MicrobeBio has taken the best of Mother Nature and put it into a concentrated form and, like all-natural products should be, we never use growth hormones or GMOs, never irradiate and never use chemicals that are harmful to humans, livestock or the planet.

In closing, think of MicrobeBio products like this; we’re the health food of plant food, here to put a stop to all the horticultural junk-food that’s been shoved down Mother Nature’s gullet for far too long.

Instead we offer the true, life-giving, all-natural, super-potent denizens of the planet, who we believe will be our salvation; microbes.