As a farmer, I’m very concerned.


Scientists predict that, by the year 2050, the population of the world will need double the food we produce today, while still using the same amount of arable land.


Doing that will take serious innovation…


Innovation that’s already begun at MicrobeBio® and BioRational Insecticides.


It’s here where we’re developing new agriculture solutions by harnessing nature’s own, amazing technology.


That includes packing 50+ of the planet’s most beneficial microbes into our latest formula, using a cutting-edge, synergistic approach.


The results? Higher growth and yields using fewer non-natural products, thus protecting the environment while growing more food.


What’s going on down there?


Just because we can’t see what’s happening in the soil doesn’t mean we can just ignore it.


The fact is, there’s a whole other world below our feet, where plants, soil and minerals work in unison to produce nutrient filled food.


Helping to make this process easier and more efficient? Microbes.


As complex organisms, plants require many different nutrients.


This include the primary macronutrients, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium…. They are the most frequently required in a crop fertilization program.


The secondary nutrients, Magnesium, Sulfur, and Calcium…. For most crops, these three are needed in lesser amounts that the primary nutrients. They are growing in importance in crop fertilization programs due to more stringent clean air standards and efforts to improve the environment.


The Micronutrients Boron, Chlorine, Manganese, Iron, Nickel, Copper, Zinc, and Molybdenum…. These plant food elements are used in very small amounts, but they are just as important to plant development and profitable crop production as the major nutrients. Especially, they work “behind the scene” as activators of many plant functions.


And the Non-mineral elements, Hydrogen, Carbon and Oxygen that are extracted from air and water to make up the bulk of plant weight.


A healthy plant needs all of these for optimal growth and health, and that’s why the biology of the soil is so vitally important.


You see, these nutrients are already in the soil, but must be water-soluble in order for plants to absorb them through their roots.


Most aren’t, so the plants can’t use them.


Also, insects, diseases, nematodes and harmful fungi are in the soil, waiting to severely damage and destroy plants.


Most importantly however is this;


Microbes are in the soil too.


If there are enough of them, they do 2 things;


1- Help release trapped nutrients, so that plants can absorb and use them.

2- Naturally help destroy all that harmful stuff.


That’s where MicrobeBio® and BioRational Insecticides come in.


As mentioned earlier, MicrobeBio® has over 50 of the planet’s best microbes, ready to release nutrients bound in the soil so that plants can absorb them freely.


Through carbon sequestration, nitrogen fixation, phosphate solubilization and other methods…


MicrobeBio® helps plants get the nutrition they need to be healthy and flourish.


At the same time, BioRational Insecticides, made from natural bacteria, plants and minerals, goes to work fighting insects, nematodes, fungi and more, especially during the critical first 30 days after planting.


BioRational Insecticides protects plants while also protecting the soil and the planet from harmful chemical pesticides and fungicides.


Working together, MicrobeBio® and BioRational Insecticides promote healthy plants and protect the environment, a win-win if there ever was one!


While BioRational Insecticides protects plants from harm, MicrobeBio® microbes help them flourish and…


As plants grow larger and stronger…


Their inner potential is fully released!


Friends, as farmers and growers it’s our job to allow plants to express their full potential.


That means protecting them both above ground and below, protecting their roots from the damaging effects of nematodes, harmful fungi, root worms and more.


We must also use what nature has given us, the mighty microbe, and harness its power to increase nutrient uptake…


Allow plants to be much healthier…


And maximize the effectiveness of our input.


Used together, MicrobeBio® and BioRational Insecticides give your crops a very strong start…


Giving them the best chance of reaching their full yield potential.


It all begins below our feet, down in the soil…


Where nature’s perfect farm-hand is at work…


Billions of mighty microbes working together to fulfill our world’s growing demand for healthy, nutritious food and respecting the environment at the same time.


You might say MicrobeBio® has taken the best of Mother Nature and put it into a concentrated form and, like all-natural products should be, we never use growth hormones or GMOs, never irradiate and never use chemicals that are harmful to humans, livestock or the planet.

In closing, think of MicrobeBio® products like this; we’re the health food of plant food, here to put a stop to all the horticultural junk-food that’s been shoved down Mother Nature’s gullet for far too long.