Soil health is a growing concern in agriculture and everyday gardening. Years of damage done by erosion, chemical pesticides, and fertilizers have left the soil stripped of vital nutrients and microbes. It is estimated that by the year 2050 we will need to produce twice the amount of food in the same acreage to feed the world. In order to accomplish this, there will need to be some serious renovation.


We believe the life and health of soil is informally connected to our lives. Our microbial soil amendment maintained biodiversity will work cooperatively with the current traditional fertilizers by enhancing their productiveness. Let our customers’ expenditure in soil amendments and fertilization authentically plant.

  • Improve the Healthy Roots – Biomass
  • Increase Yield and Nutrient Level
  • Balance Mineral
  • Disease Suppression
  • Reduce Irrigation Needs
  • Reduce Erosion, Runoff, and Heavy Metals
  • Remediate Soil by Detoxing and Rehabbing Soil
  • Balance pH an Brix


MicrobeBio® Soil Amendment provides multiple benefits for the soil while helping farmers reduce cost. MicrobeBio Soil Amendment uses 50 unique soil microbe strains. These microbes live and work together in harmony. When introduced to soil that already has existing microbes, the microbes in MicrobeBio® Soil Amendment do not compete with them, and instead work with the microbes in order help them grow. Many of the plants that produce our food are being grown in soil that was never meant to naturally sustain them like Tomatoes, Corn and Strawberries. Adding beneficial microbes is an important part of increasing soil health and crop yields.

Our microbial soil enhancers can rebuilt and maintain soil health and fertility in several methods:

  1. Biological Nitrogen Fixation – the process of assimilating atmospheric nitrogen into organic compounds, especially by microorganisms.
  2. Phosphate Solubilization – the process of solubilizing bound phosphate in the soil and making it available for uptake by plants.
  3. Immobilization and Mineralization – Which is the process of using carbon sequestration to increase healthy plant hormones and storing carbon in the soil which drastically increases the amount of available nitrate nitrogen. Utilizes organic bio-stimulants which are used to provide a reservoir for plant nutrients special available in the soil.
  4. Phytohormone Production – Reducing the Salinity in Soil – MicrobeBio® Soil Amendment is a biological soil enhancer that is used to reduce the effects of soil salinity, acidic, erosion, and runoff, which is how much salt content is in the soil. It achieves this through the use of bacteria.
  5. Balance Soil pH – MicrobeBio® Soil Amendment promotes optimal soil pH under extreme environmental condition by balancing. Organic bio-stimulants makes the soil more porous, thus improving soil aeration, infiltration and drainage. It buffers a soil’s pH and prevents losses of plant nutrients through leaching. Organic bio-stimulants make soils more granular, improving the aggregation of soil particles.
  6. Saprophytic Competence – saprophytes live on dead or decomposing matter. They help the microbes in MicrobeBio® Soil Amendment to compete with native soil microbes and organic bio-stimulants, allowing them to better perform their intended functions.





The microbes included grow in the soil and do not contain any microbes from animal digestive systems or plant residues that require constant applications. This reduces the amount of labor, time needed and expense of multiple applications.

MicrobeBio® Soil Amendment contains 50+ different microbes which stabilize themselves in every gram of your soil up to 100,000,000 colonies of beneficial microorganisms. This happens for every gram of soil in your growing area. (The average soil contains 3,000 to 10,000 colonies per gram) The majority of microbes are from desert regions and are found in multiple countries. Desert strains grow extremely fast in the presence of moisture and so do the strains. In a sandy, desert soil, sustained moisture is rarely present. In fact, most desert soils receive less than 9 inches of rain per year. All the microorganisms in the soil need carbon and water, so when it does rain, the desert microbes that lay dormant on and around the plant roots must work extremely fast in the presence of that moisture to complete the various functions that their host plant needs to survive. Activities such as nutrient absorption or root growth that would take microbes in rich, healthy soils in other climates weeks to accomplish, must be completed in record time in the desert. Desert microbes do their work in some of the harshest regions of our earth, and in soils that contain virtually no organic matter. MicrobeBio® Soil Amendment brings these traits to every soil they are applied too which leads to increased root size and overall healthier plants.

Soil health is directly linked to production. You cannot have good production without comprehensive soil health. After inoculation, your roots will remain white and fibrous for the remainder of the crop cycle. MicrobeBio® Soil Amendment helps maintain white roots through the use of three primary strains Mycorrhizal, Rhizobacteria and Saprophytes. Mycorrhizal reduces roots susceptibility to disease and increase the length and mass of root systems so they receive more nutrients. Rhizobacteria is responsible for supplying food to the microbes which in turn provide food for the roots. Saprophytes are organisms that live on dead organic matter, converting it into humus that contains plant-supporting and bioavailable nutrients. This helps enable plant roots to grow deeper more quickly.  White roots will be able to tell you more about your soil’s health condition than any lab analysis. MicrobeBio® Soil Amendment is also resistant to herbicides, insecticides and non-systemic fungicides. This is because the rapid growth of the Fungi and Bacteria in MicrobeBio® Soil Amendment out paces the growth of those harmful chemicals.


MicrobeBio® Soil Amendment is an all-purpose natural fertilizer suitable for anything from backyard gardening to broad-acre farming. MicrobeBio® Soil Amendment is the natural answer for farmers concerned about the impact of chemical fertilizers on the land, offering them an environmentally friendly, safe and easy to use product. Consumers can expect to achieve high balanced nutrient levels in their soils while posing no risk to crops and plants. There is a growing demand for natural fertilizers that do not harm the environment, degrade soil health or put more chemicals in the food chain while still maintaining high yields. No other natural fertilizers exist that offer a complete natural balance of nutrients with proven high level analysis comparable to MicrobeBio® Soil Amendment. MicrobeBio® Soil Amendment will work together with farmers current products by enhancing their efficacy. This will help make clients’ investments in fertilization and amendments truly bio-available. Because MicrobeBio® Soil Amendment works in conjunction with current products it won’t compete with chemical fertilizers on the market since you can use both of them together to reduce the chemical inputs in soil.


Fertilizers are essential in the development of plants because they provide the nutrients they need. The application of fertilizers results in higher yields. The US fertilizers market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 14% throughout 2017-2022. The US fertilizers market value is estimated to be 13.2 billion USD in 2022 from 11.3 billion in 2016. The market in the US is expected to grow at a slower rate owing to market saturation. Due to the use of chemical fertilizers which is causing health issues there is a growing demand for organic fertilizers in the US. Consumers are becoming more and more health conscious and the demand for organic foods is increasing. The organic fertilizers market is estimated to grow as a result of the increased demand for organic food products.


MicrobeBio® Soil Amendment is effective for biodynamic farming operations, organic operations, agriculture, silviculture, ornamental crops, landscapers, public parks, home gardens, turf, greenhouses, desert sand, and other different soils. The humus will be created, and soil will be improved.


You might say MicrobeBio® has taken the best of Mother Nature and put it into a concentrated form and, like all-natural products should be, we never use growth hormones or GMOs, never irradiate and never use chemicals that are harmful to humans, livestock or the planet.

In closing, think of MicrobeBio® products like this; we’re the health food of plant food, here to put a stop to all the horticultural junk-food that’s been shoved down Mother Nature’s gullet for far too long.


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