How soil microbes battle climate change – Indeed, soil microbes are our microscopic partners in protecting our environment by synthesizing dirt to become the primary resource for stocking excess carbon. The amount of carbon that global soils currently hold are three times higher than those existing in the atmosphere. In fact, global soils are able to store much more carbon than that. A recent study by NATURE suggests that greenhouse gas concentrates can be significantly reduced by 50-80% by increasing carbon storage in the globe’s farmland soils.

At MicrobeBio®, we believe that the most advanced technology to be found anywhere on earth comes from the earth itself. Natural soil microbes is the only technology currently available on earth that has the competence to enhance either the sequestration of carbon or CO2 storage. MicrobeBio® may support plants to recover from degraded conditions. Also, they might help plants to endure high temperature as well as drought which are caused by climate change. Moreover, soil microbes may increase plant’s ability to fight insect and pests whose communities are foreseen to increase because of climate change.

By providing beneficial microbes for soil, MicrobeBio® is not only putting efforts to increase the sustainability of agriculture, but also to make the world a greener place.