Microbebio® Hydro Activator™

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Microbebio® Hydro Activator™

MicrobeBio® Hydro Activator™ is a natural liquid microbial soil enhancer that can be incorporated into most nutrient programs and is a good fit for BMP (Better Management Practices) programs.


MicrobeBio® Hydro Activator™ naturally occurring beneficial organisms, 100% organic proteins, and key amino acids improve germination and root growth, stimulate biological activity in soils and provide essential major plant nutrients and a wide array of minor elements, vitamins, and key amino acids. Its microbial formulation is postponed in an organic humus carriers.


· Produced from Menhaden fish.

· Rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

· High in vitamins and minerals.

· Good source of proteins for plant nutrition.

· Slow Release characteristics for season long feeding.

· Supplemented with beneficial soil and plant promoting bacteria.

· High concentrate root growth promoting microbial organisms.

· Eco-friendly. They are non-toxic and are safe to use around children, adults, pets, and livestock.


  • Provides an organic NPK for plant nutrient uptake all season long
  • Microbial organisms accelerate mineralization of soil organics for improved plant nutrient uptake
  • Boosts plant photosynthesis
  • Essential improves phosphorus uptake
  • Significant increase in crop yield
  • Enhances soil health and biodiversity
  • Stimulates biological activity
  • Fundamental unlocks bound up nutrients
  • Regulates PH in acid or alkaline conditions
  • Remediates radiation and other toxins in soils
  • Remediates heavy metal contamination in soils
  • Significant increases in BRIX levels





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