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MicrobeBio® Nature Foliar™

MicrobeBio® Nature Foliar™ is one of the most highly advanced microbial biostimulants and enzyme formulations available on the market. Its proprietary formulation was specifically engineered by a multi-disciplinary team of scientists to maximize agricultural crop quality and yields. It has been field tested at the root level as a drip and sprinkler irrigation and also as a foliar spray to sustain microbial populations in the root zone and increase nutrient availability via photosynthesis. This biodegradable, organic product has successfully passed a series of genotoxic, toxicological and eco-toxicological studies and is proven to be non-hazardous to humans, plants, and animals if used as directed.

We offer MicrobeBio® Nature Foliar™ as an organically potent elixir featuring the highest quantity of active bio-stimulants in the world.  By creating an abundant biomass and regulating the soil’s pH between 5.5 and 7.5, Nature Foliar™ significantly increases the nutrient reservoir available for plant absorption, in addition to sustaining the life and growth of active microbial populations. Your crops can readily access vital nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, boron, manganese, and sulfur, among others. Simply put, it is a superior synthesis of soil enzymes which sustain microbial organisms for improving crop vigor, growth stages, yields, quality and tolerance of abiotic stresses.


Maintains consistent results over the crop cycle, reduces metabolic stress, and achieves optimal microbial genetic potential by providing a healthy source of food and energy for soil microbes.

– Optimizes photosynthesis (light) by expanding chlorophyll content in leaves

– Increases photosynthesis (water uptake) by increasing microorganisms (microbes) in the soil media

– Aids photosynthesis by increasing nitrogen (and other nutrients) uptake to aid in photosynthetic CO2 assimilation

– Sustains an increased level of health-giving microbes over a longer duration of time

– Promotes seed germination and increases the early vigor of seedlings

– Integrates enzyme levels for the synthesis of nucleic acids, proteins, vitamins, and sugars

– Supports stress resistance under adverse environmental conditions

– Improves quality and growth of produce

– Enhances metabolic processes in plants

– Ameliorates the uptake and transport of energy and plant nutrients