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In order to develop the very best product line, MicrobeBio® was formed by a collective team of top soil microbiologists from around the world, all of whom came together to give their best to this line, in order to formulate our proprietary microbial formula, much like microbes do for their host plant.

Our 2 core beliefs are Sustainable and Regenerative Agriculture, and we have followed the disciplines of both for over 2 decades, developing and refining proven technologies with great passion, and giving those technologies the ‘staying power’ and consistency they need to truly make a difference.

Firmly rooted (pun intended) in the promotion of biological farming, or “microbe farming”, techniques, this philosophy states that plants and their specific microorganisms co-evolved right from the beginning. Thus, in order to thrive and reach their full potential in both growth and production, all plants in a non-native soil must be paired with their familiar microbial partners.



Our core team consists of various experts in the field of microbiology and plant pathology, agronomic consultants and a large, multi-national network of distributors.  Together, and with great pride, our team not only creates but also distributes our products and represents MicrobeBio® to the world. It is also a point of pride that MicrobeBio® products have an efficacy that’s been proven and verified in private laboratories, by extensive University testing and by the accreditation of various 3rd part users. Our affiliates around the globe represent a company with products that greatly improve soil health, and significantly increase plant vigor.

Indeed, for farmers worldwide, the guesswork of trial-and-error has been eliminated when it comes to soil inoculation on a microbial level, as they use our almost 600+ strains of unique, proprietary microbes from our culture laboratory. As we learn from nature, and also our valued partners, MicrobeBio® is both honored and humbled to be a cog in the sustainability movement wheel.


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