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Microbebio® BioCompost™

BioCompost™ is a premier blend of high concentrate specialty microorganisms that accelerate the decomposition of all animal manures and green waste to form a stable and odor free end product. BioCompost™ is the backbone of any stable and valuable


  • Animal Manures, Green Waste, Landfill Waste, Compost.
  • Humic acid, beneficial bacteria, fungi, yeast included.
  • Fine and earthy smelling fertilizer product.


  • Reduces Composting Time
  • Accelerates Crop Residue Decomposition
  • Controls and Eliminates Fecal Coliforms and Salmonella
  • Stabilizes Animal Manures and Produces Valuable Biofertilizers
  • Lower COD
  • Reduce Suspended Solids
  • Lower FOG
  • Reduce Wastewater Sludge Volume
  • Control H₂S
  • Reduce surfactants/chemicals
  • Control Odor


  • Spray application of liquid BioCompost™ onto dry fertilizers, amendments, soils and mulches provides significant microbial biodiversity and converts fertilizers into valuable biofertilizers.
  • Spray application of BioCompost™ onto compost piles


Promotes growth Stimulates microbial activity Improved root depth and density Enhances water holding capacity Increased nutrient efficiency


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