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MicrobeBio ® Hydro Accelerator™

MicrobeBio® Hydro Accelerator™ is a critical element of pure liquid fish hydrolysates that significantly boosts all soil nutrient programs due to its catalytic blend of 100% organic amino acids. These proteins jumpstart the cycle of nourishment when used at the beginning of the season by exploring the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the soil. Once nourished by the fish hydrolysates, these microbial populations sustain plants throughout the entire season.

This formula prolongs the life of beneficial microbes by providing an essential source of primary nutrients (NPK) including slowly-released Nitrogen and 40+ minerals. In this way, it is a bio-stimulator, activating life into the soil; it is especially helpful in inoculating “legume” seeds for optimal germination and transplant success.

For these reasons of superior nutritional value, MicrobeBio® Hydro Accelerator™ is an excellent fit for systems-based management approaches that aim for productive and sustainable agriculture.

  • – Immediately delivers primary nutrients (NPK) and renders them readily accessible for plant roots
  • – Balances pH in acid or alkaline conditions for optimal nutrient uptake
  • – Maintains a C:N Ratio (Carbon & Nitrogen) by activating microbes to release nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous and zinc to crops
  • – Is comprised of 100% eco-friendly elements, which are non-toxic and are safe to use for children, adults, pets, and livestock
  • – Enhances plant BRIX levels (sugars) to enrich the bio-available food source for soil microbes


Promotes growth Stimulates microbial activity Improved root depth and density Enhances water holding capacity Increased nutrient efficiency