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Microbebio® Soil Remediation™

MicrobeBio® Soil Remediation™ is a soil supplement which contents highly concentrated bacterial blend of microorganisms that remediate heavy metal in the soil, as well as organic substances and other trace elements. MicrobeBio® Soil Remediation™ significantly reduces contamination from fuels, solvents, fractals, oils, greases and other petrochemical hydrocarbons, as well as organic hydrocarbons.


  • Bioremediation process – safe for the environment.
  • Alkane remediation and Sulfide Control.
  • Improve carbon sequestration in the soil and the soil’s capacity to store CO₂.
  • Extract heavy metals using special microbes
  • Break down and consumes hydrocarbons and other pollutants
  • Reduce surface runoff
  • Reduce contaminant leaching and mobilization.
  • Cost-effectively because the remediation processes are phytoremediation.


  • Reduce and remediate of hydrocarbons in a heavy oil soil.
  • Eliminate H₂S and effective control SRBs.
  • Can be blended with both liquid and dry fertilizers as well as soil amendments.
  • Speed up time to gain SOC (soil organic compounds)
  • Improved uptake of plant nutrients through accelerated mineralization of organics in the soil
  • Increase plant photosynthesis
  • Improve the ability to uptake phosphorous
  • Improve both yield and production of crops greatly
  • Improve microbial biodiversity and soil health


Promotes  growth Stimulates microbial activity Improved root depth and density Enhances water holding capacity Increased nutrient efficiency


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