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MicrobeBio® Soil Activator™

MicrobeBio® Soil Activator™ – Ease of use and dry broadcast application – was formulated specially to be blended with the reduction in the need of N-P-K fertilizer or other fertilizers. This combination acts as a spreadable for dry broadcast application that is reliable to support plants in the uptake and usability of nutrients essential for crops’ health and productive life cycle.

Soil health is fundamental to profitable and sustainable agriculture. Vital organic matter and nutrients are often destroyed, depleted, or otherwise lost from the soil through overuse of fertilizers, erosion, and runoff as a consequence of unsustainable farming practices.

We harness nature’s technology to bring new solutions to modern agriculture. Our microbial formulation is postponed in an organic bio-stimulants that complement each other to promote soil quality, plant health, and fertility in several ways.


  • Symbiotic relationship with nature. Efficiently produce a variety of substances to promote plant growth and increase yields.
  • Contain a combination of 50-plus species of microbes. They are selected in a variety of environments
  • Reduce the use of inorganic fertilizers (NPK).
  • Reduce the toxic chemical compounds remaining in the soil, enhance soil quality and fertility.
  • Eco-friendly. They are non-toxic and are safe to use around children, adults, pets, and livestock.
  • Soil pH – MicrobeBio® Soil Activator™ products promote optimal soil pH under extreme environmental condition.


  • Biological Nitrogen Fixation – The process of assimilating atmospheric nitrogen into organic compounds, especially by microorganisms.
  • Phosphate Solubilization – The process of solubilizing bound phosphate in the soil and making it available for uptake by plants.
  • Phytohormone Production – The process of using carbon sequestration to increase healthy plant hormones and storing carbon in the soil which drastically increases the amount of available nitrate nitrogen.
  • Mobilization and Mineralization – The process of mobilizing and mineralization of soil nutrients such as salt, phosphate, magnesium, and calcium into a form that is easily used by the plant.
  • Saprophytic Competence – Saprophytes live on the dead or decomposing matter. They help the microbes in MicrobeBio® Soil Activator™ products to compete with native soil microbes, allowing them to better perform their intended functions.


  • Significantly Increase organic matter
  • Stimulate biological activity
  • Unlock bound up nutrients
  • Essentially increase Brix levels
  • Significantly increase in Yield
  • Regulate pH in acid and alkaline conditions
  • Creates larger, deeper, and denser root systems
  • Boost productivity
  • Significantly improve the Soil Health

Promotes  growth Stimulates microbial activity Improved root depth and density Enhances water holding capacity Increased nutrient efficiency